Zarrow Mental Health Symposium 2022

  • Loved this speaker’s vibe!
  • Great presentation!
  •  A wonderful presenter!
  •  I love all of this. Excellent information.
  • Very entertaining and provided great insight on topic!
  • Helpful to hear an overall plan as well as specific strategies to support this process of navigating the emotional and logistical components of marital dissolution.

You have taught me so much and helped me to a place where I am comfortable with the truly messy situation we are in and whatever outcome we end up with. I feel better able to stay child focused and balanced when canon balls are regularly hurled my way.

Helen Phelps, Divorcing Mum

Judith was well-prepared for each mediation, with a strong command of both the facts and the law. More importantly, Judith truly cares about the clients and cases in front of her.

Natalie S. Lowe, Esq.

Judith’s mastery of her craft, which is all aspects of divorce mediation, is instantly evident when she speaks abou the topic. I am grateful for her contribution as a speaker at my Divorce Summit 2022 and will invite her back to speak at future events I produce.

Patty McGuire, Life Coach
Founder of the Divorce Summit

Seriously….great job today! Super insightful and very informative! It was wonderful to have the pleasure of attending your session live. I’ll definitely be checking out your podcast and recommending it to clients. Thanks for the important work that you do!

Bridgett L. Moran, Child Therapist